Club Penguin Walkthrough Tips

Club Penguin Walkthrough Tutorials and Mission Tips 

Get ready to dive into the funnest game on the planet!  My game walkthrough will help you with all your Club Penguin Missions and give you an advantage over learning by trial and error.  We’ll jump right into Mission 1 Walkthrough for “Case of the Missing Puffles”

Club Penguin Walkthrough Missions:

Mission 1 Tutorial — Case of the Missing Puffles
Mission 1: the Case of the Mission Puffles takes you through the first level where you find Aunt Arctic who gives you a heads up as to what you need to do.  Each new section will have hidded items that will help you move forward.  During the gameplay you’ll need to go back to Aunt Arctic and show her all the cool things you’ve collected.  Don’t forget to grab the books from the Ice Rink, the Letter on the dog house (in the pet shop) and then use those items to break the secret code.
Mission 1 Walkthru

Updated:   New Codes available for 2016 Gameplay.  For Mission 1 use code “ESCALERA” to unlock 500 coins.

Mission 2 Guide — G’s Secret Mission
Mission 2: G’s Secret Mission is going to require you to prove you’re an agent before you get your mission assigned.  You’ll click on the blue guy (named Gary– hmm, not the coolest Secret Agent name) and he’ll provide you with a riddle.  You’ll type in the secret word Mogul to get your mission.  This mission takes you to the mountains where you get to Ski down and eventually crash land into the wilderness.  There’s a hidden rope behind the big rock; you’re going to need that!

Mission 2 Walk-thru
New CODE!  Unlock spy gear using free code “SPYBONUS”  This will give you an advantage by helping you beat the mini games that appear after your ski adventure.

Mission 3 Helps —  Case of the Missing Coins
Mission 3: Case of the Mission Coins.  Start off by chatting with “Rookie” (he’s the Green Penguin standing by the vault).  Once he closes the vault ask him to open it again; it’ll be stuck which will force you to the office.  But that’s good news because now you get to find a hidden floppy disk to boot up an old computer  (reminds me of those old Commodore 64 Computers).  Click or tap on the black thing poking out from under the couch… that’s the secret hidden floppy disk!



Mission 4 Walkthrough — Avalanche Rescue
Mission 4: Avalanche Rescue.  On this mission you’ll need to find the Life Preserver Shooter.  You can ask “G” and he’ll point you to the gadget room where you can look for the life jacket.  Don’t forget to put it in your inventory!  Head back to the map and look for the Ski Lodge.  Next to the door you’ll notice a fishing pole, grab that too so you can go fishing!  An no, its not Ice Fishing — it’s good old river fishing, but still fun.  Good luck!

Mission 4

Final rounds from Mission 1 through 3 will be played in our party on June 27th.  Check back for new challenges.  Only top 10 players will be able to join in the Mission 5 – 11 parties.  For complete walkthrough check each mission on this page and then jump in on the fun!

Mission 5 Gameplay — Secret of the Fur
Mission 5: Secret of the Fur.  Are you good with fixing gizmos?  You will be after playing mission 5.  Yep, you’ll need to break our your handyman skills to fix the broken Furensic Analyzer 3000.  Start by having the gizmo analyze your pink comb.  You can find the comb by clicking on your Spy Phone.  G will give you some white fur to analyze too, it sill come up as not a match but will give you clues by telling you what stains it found: Hot Chocolate, Hot Sauce, and Jet Pack Fuel.   Head out to the map (click on the map in the top left corner) and head over to the pizza parlor.  Talk to the Penguin working and show him the evidence you found.  Listen carefully so you can solve the mystery!
Mission 5

Just in!  Brand new secret code to unlock hiking backpack.  After beating Mission 5, enter in this special code: BACKPACK2016 to unlock the bonus backpack.  This bag will help you in mission 6.

Mission 6 Tutorial — Question for a Crab
Mission 6: Question for a Crab.  If you haven’t guessed it by the title, in this mission you’ll use your fancy crab translator to ask the crab questions.  Be warned, the translator will explode scaring the crab away.  This is all part of the game, just follow the crab to the mountain.  Keep your eyes on the crab and follow him closely.  When you get to the trees the crab will keep trying to run away from you, follow him to the cave.  To open the door, you’ll need to feed the puffle some Puffle Oh’s.  There’s a tree stump to the right and next to it is a bush full of yummy Puffle Oh’s.  After feeding the Puffle you’ll be able to go inside the cave.  Have fun playing the game with the Polar Bear, its a trap… but that’s what makes it fun.

Mission 6

Mission 7 Step by step — Clockwork Repair
Mission 7: Clockwork Repair.  Ask G to tell you what’s wrong with the clock tower.  He’ll show that it needs to be repaired but there’s a problem; you don’t have the missing parts.  Better head over to the Gadget room and find some spare parts.  Add the red and white ring to your inventory.  Click on the map and look for the blue penguin team by the dock.  If you talk with them long enough they’ll let you play a game to get the target back (needed to fix the clock).  This can take some practice, but aim the pointer at the red bulls eye and try to throw a snow ball at it.  Since the target is moving it might take you a few tries.  You’ll get it!!

Mission 7

Mission 8 Guide — Mysterious Tremors
Mission 8: Mysterious Tremors.  If you’re thinking “Klutzy” the mean polar bear is up to something, you’re right.  Like Gary will tell you he is cutting the map in half!  But that’s no problem because you’re a secret agent ready for the challenger, right?  On this mission you’ll need to get the 2 sides of the map together.  To do this you’ll find pieces of the map flying around town.  Check out the Night Club, yep; that’s a piece of the map!  There’s more to be found at the Coffee Shop, and even next to the cookie jar.  After collecting all the pieces look for the Green Puffle in town and show him all the pieces you found.

Mission 8

Mission 9 Codes — Operation: Spy & Seek
Mission 9: Operation Spy and Seek.  As a super Penguin spy you’ll need to help the town by tracking down the suspect at large.  The evil P. Bear is plotting to do something bad; unless you can figure out his plans first.  The only way to do this is by collecting the Transmitters (there are 3), the yellow duck, and the blueprint hanging on the wall.  All these items can be found in the same room as Gary.  Use your skills to find more hidden items in the ski village.  Once you complete all the mini games you’ll collect a medal and get a bonus gift.
Mission 9
Voted as most fun mission by users of this site.  I agree; its a fun and challenging level.

Mission 10 Video — Waddle Squad
Mission 10: Waddle Squad.  You’re asked to join a secret mission with a team of special agents!  Go to HeadQuarters to meet “G” to get the plan. I love this level because you get to play with a jet pack!!  But first you’ll want to go to the lighthouse to add the Cream Soda to your inventory.  Once you have that you can go to the beach and get the give it to the jet pack guy who will trade you for the jet pack.  Buh yah!  Now its time to have some fun, happy flying!!

Mission 10

Mission 11 Final Tips — The Veggie Villain
Mission 11: The Veggie Villain. Its the final mission and as you guessed; you’ll need to use all the skills you’ve learned up to this point.  During this mission you’ll walkthrough all the map and find missing items that have been reported stolen from the gift shop.  Hint: you’ll find the Veggie Villain to be a big white panda bear!!  Yah, he’s back to his old tricks.  But you can can find the missing clues to stop him.
Mission 11

Club Penguin Walkthrough   Take your gameplay to a new level with this new improved Club Penguin Tutorial.   Never miss the hidden agent gems and double your fun.  Let’s do this!   Have fun, but don’t slip on the Ice.

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