Club Penguin Mission 9 Operation Spy Seek

Mission 9… the hunt for the suspect at large.  In “Operation Spy Seek” you are tasked with the goal of figuring our the evil plot of none other than Mr P Bear.  In Mission 8 this villain tried to destroy the town by cutting it in half.  This time you’ll have to find the clues to stop his plot before he is able to cause more harm.

You’re going to need some special things in your inventory.  Look for 3 green transmitters, a yellow rubber duck, and a blueprint.  You’ll use that to build a cool contraption.  Learn more about the instructions in the detailed walk-through on the Club Penguin tutorial page.

Find the Hidden Items located in the Gadget Room (see screenshot!)
Mission 9 Secret Items

This will start you off on the right foot.  But there are more items hidden in the Ski Village.  Use your skills to search around the Ski Lodge for other hidden items; you’ll need them too!  Check out the Window Seal, Ladder, Under the Telephone… there are little items hiding there (they’re actually connect 4 pieces!)  Don’t forget to climb the ladder to check out the loft; you guessed it there’s more missing items up there too.  Check the loft and find 4 more hiding objects.  Before you leave, grab a string laying on the floor next to the connect 4 game.

Once you have all the pieces you can use the blueprint to build a contraption that will attach to the street sign.  (Hint: the kite will float it high so you can track down the evil Mr P bear)

If you get stuck check out the walkthrough page located on the Club Penguin Mission Walkthrough area.  It provides you some more tips and suggestions and clues to the difficult steps.

Stop that Polar Bear before its too late!!

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