Club Penguin Mission 8 Mysterious Tremors

Is that an earth quake?  Might be a bit shaky on this level thanks to a super villain, yep; that big fluffy not so good Polar Bear AKA “Klutzy” is trying to destroy the map by cutting it in half.  Good thing Penguin “G” has your back and is able to guide you through this level with more ease.

Like Club Penguin fashion, this time you just miss stopping the bad from happening.  You’re too late and the map is torn into little pieces.  I love these hidden object missions.  Go through the village and find all the pieces of the map so you can put it back together.

Find the Hidden Pieces of the Map Throughout the Village!
(Is that a torn part of the map on the Pizza sign?  Yep!!)
Hidden Map Locations

Good luck finding all the pieces of the torn map!  For walk-thru of this mission check out this page for more tips and tricks!

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