Club Penguin Mission 7 Clockwork Repair

In Mission 7 you’ll quickly learn from G “Garry” that the clock tower is broken.   … and you guessed it; you’re the guy (or penguin to fix it).  By now you should be getting really comfortable with the style of the game and its missions.  Club Penguin has created this level with a brain teaser and of course with a Mr Fix it test.

Check out the Map and look for the gadget room.  Enter and start adding some spare parts to your inventory.  These spare parts will help you fix the clock tower and you progress through the mission.  This biggest challenge will be to break the code on the padlock.  This is easy peasy assuming you have gathered the following: Life Preserver, Red Target (you’ll have to beat a game and challenge the blue penguins to get this– but its a blast!), Magnet, and finally the Ice Berg.  I won’t bore you with the details as I explain the steps for this mission on my tutorials section of this site.

Secret Key Code Revealed Below!
Enter “Key” into the Padlock to unlock it.
Secret Code Revealed KEY

Aren’t you becoming quite the secret agent now!  Since you’ve made it this far I know you’re having a blast playing Disney’s Club Penguin!!  Waddle through…

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