Club Penguin Mission 5 Secret of the Fur

Secret of the Fur…?  That’s what I was thinking too when I first started this mission.  I promise it makes more sense once you dive into the game.  This Club Penguin Mission “Secret of the Fur” #5 is fun but I admit its not my favorite mission.  But don’t stresss, its still worth playing!

Now the reason this mission is a bit off for me is because you are analyzing fur to identify stains which you will use to investigate to find more clues.  It even comes with a special fur analyzing machine called the Furensic Analyzer 3000, yah I give them 2 points for the clever name though.

Let me just slide (cuz were penguins) into the big reveal for Mission 5.  There are 3 Stains that you’ll identify using your forensic machine.  What are they you ask?  Well, you’ll have to peek at the screenshot below:

Secret Hidden Clues Revealed In Image Below:
Mission 5 Secret Sauce

This level was fun for me; but a bit too bizarre for my taste.  My daughter seemed to think it was really fun though.  Do you agree with her?  Is this level funny or gross for you?  I’d say Mission 5 is fun but odd.  Check out tips and step by step helps on this page page, dedicated to helping you navigate through each mission with more details and suggestions.

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