Club Penguin Mission 4 Avalanche Rescue

Its Avalanche Rescue time!  Oh and its about as much fun as you can squeeze into a walking penguin game.  In Mission 4 “Avalanche Rescue” you get to do all sorts of fun activities, including my favorite– Ice Fishing.  There’s some big old fish in that river and if you’re a true Penguin– YOU LOVE FISH!!

Club Penguin Fishing
Ok, so I’ll jump right into the goal of this level.  As the title states you are here to rescue someone from an avalanche.  Head over to HQ and find your blue penguin friend “Gary”.  See if he can show you where the life preserver is located (its in the Gadget room).  Add that guy to your inventory.

Find the Secret Avalanche Rescue Life Preserver (in the gadget room!)
Find the Hidden Life Preserver
What’s not to love in Mission 4… Fishing and an exciting rescue mission.  Who knew being a Penguin could be this fun, seriously!!  For more tips and complete tutorial visit my full Club Penguin Missions Walkthrough, here.  If you like my hints and suggestions don’t forget to share with all your penguin friends.  Penguin On!

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