Club Penguin Mission 11 Veggie Villain

Oh uh! Someone’s been taking things from the Gift Shop.  Can you find the items?  Mission 11 exposes a “Veggie Villain” who once again is out to get us Penguins.  The key suspect is Herbert… but in the end you’ll find its not really him who took the items.

You guessed right!  Its that stinking big white polar bear (seriously what does that guy have against penguins!?)

Gary is going to ask you if you can guess the unscientific name for those yellow things.  Know what he hopes you answer?  Well, actually you have to answer with the following:  “Are those corn seeds?”  Not sure why but that makes me giggle.  By the way, you’ll need to find the corn kernals and add them to your inventory.  They’re located in the Gift shop next to our green friend “Rookie.”

From Mission 10 you traded a cream soda for a jet pack.  Luck you; you still have it for this final mission.  But come on, what good would a final mission be without that jet pack!!

Find the Hidden CD under the Baby Grand Piano (you’re going to need that in your inventory!)
Hidden CD Revealed
There’s more secrets on this level.  But now that you’ve conquered all 10 Missions I know you can beat the mini games and challenges!  Can you believe it; after you find Polar Bear in the Corn field you will have beat all 11 Missions.  That’s crazy cool– even Penguin Cool!!

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