Club Penguin Mission 10 Waddle Squad

Wow!  You’ve nearly made it to the end of the missions; good job!  Mission 10 “Waddle Squad” is extra special as you get to join a special team of penguin agents.  Yep, its as fun as it sounds.  Its One of my favorite levels!!

This Mission is super fun because you get to trade a penguin for a Jet Pack.  Yah, a real flying jet pack.  If that doesn’t get you excited you might as well exit this site and read a dictionary– because this mission is a blast (literally!) Before I get ahead of my self I need to explain the purpose of the mission.

Now this is a secret mission that isn’t revealed until you meet the team in the Headquarters; but I’ll let you in on the secret now!  This mission requires you to complete several mini challenges and games.  This will lead you closer to solving the mystery.

Hidden Secret Bottle will help you Solve the Puzzle!
See the screenshot below:

Secret Hidden Bottle Clue

After you complete the puzzle you finally get to strap on the jet pack and fly around.  Oh, I love that part!!  Although my daughter didn’t think it was as fun as I did.  Oh well, its fun for most.

For more explanations, visit the Secret Missions page!

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