Club Penguin Mission 1 Missing Puffles

In this step by step you will learn how to play Mission 1: Case of the Missing Puffles.  This instructions are designed to help you quickly learn how to find hidden passages and where to navigate.

Getting Started:
First you’ll need to talk to the loveable Artic Aunt.  She’ll tell you what you need to know to move forward.

On your map page you can click on the rink.  The ice rink will have a special prize you can add to your own box.  Hint, click on the pile of books in the bottom right corner.

Time to Visit Aunt Artic again.  Head back to the map and tap or click on her igloo.  Knock Knock Auntie!
Hint:  Show your Aunt a photo of the books you collected from the Ice Rink!

Decode the letter.  This is simple, just use your decoder to answer the question that reads “G has “blank” pairs of socks.  When I did it I was 17 pairs of socks.  But it can be any number.  Just click on your decoder to decipher it correctly.

Head over to the sports shop to meet Gary the sports Penguin.  (I love this guy!!)
Hint: Ask if he has any special items.  … He’s going to need to know how many pairs of socks you have.  (Hopefully you decoded it correctly!)

Once you answer it correctly you’ll be taken to see some special spy gear.  You’re gonna want that life preserver shooter– just tap or click on it.

Wow, you’ve done good on this walkthrough so far.  Don’t forget you can check out any Club Penguin Walkthroughs on our PSA Missions Page.

You’re almost done.  Now go back to the map and  click on the floating ice loaded with penguins.  This will open a new map where you can go skiing.  The tips on this page are easier to find now that you have a good understanding how this is working so far.
Hint: Try tapping or clicking on items on the page.  They’re always new toys and gadgets being added to the game; so feel free to have fun checking out different items on the page.

To wrap up Mission 1 on Club Penguin you just need to click on the mountain.  This will navigate you to the tallest map where you can use your spy gear grappling hook to climb up the mountain.  Once there– look for the the green puffle.  (he’s wearing a red and white hat with a cool spinning thing.)

Before you can finish this level; you’ll need to visit your Aunt Arctic.  Of course she’ll want to know all about your journey.


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