Club Mission Mission 6 Question for Crab

If you think this mission involves talking to a crab; you’re wrong.  Just kidding, that’s exactly what its about.  But to make it more fun your special Crab Translator blows up while trying to talk to the crab for the first time.  Not sure if crabs are normally easy to scare; but this guy sure was!

After the explosion you best put your running shoes on because you’ll need to chase after the crab.  I love how they keep him just out of sight; it makes for a fun challenge.  One thing that got me stuck the first time I played Mission 6 was trying to figure out how to open the door to the cave…  So let me share the secret to unlocking the door.

Once you get to the cave door you’ll see a cute grey puffle that is hungry.  After feeding him some Puffle Oh’s from the bush he’ll give you the keys to unlock the door.  Its a blast; but look out a new villain shows his ugly face in the cave.  (ok, he looks hug-able but still he’s the bad guy)

Feeding the Grey Puffle to Unlock the Cave door!
Mission 6 Feeding Secret

Like all the other missions, level 6 doesn’t disappoint.  I like the new variety and challenges they added.  Learn all the secrets to all 11 Club Penguin Missions by visiting this page.

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