Club Penguin Missions

Hey Club Penguin Fans!!  I’m Agent PegnuinBoy 007 and have some crazy Club Penguin Secrets and tips to reveal.  If you’ve just started playing new missions and aren’t sure where to start, you can check out my detailed Club Penguin Walkthrough page to learn how to find hidden clues and games.   Check out these mission secrets:

Feeding Puffles Oh Rings!

Get started by becoming a agent from the official site, then walk thru my tutorials to learn all the fun things to do inside the game.  Like…

Club Penguin Fishing!

Ahh… so many fun hidden secrets!!  That’s why I love this game.  There’s always something new and exciting hiding around every corner.  In Mission 3 you even get to find a hidden floppy disk to put in the old school computer.  (hint: its under the couch!)

Secret Hidden Floppy Disk!
Now I’ll help you walkthrough all 11 Club Penguin Missions.  Don’t worry, we’ll have fun doing it!! Check out my Club Penguin Walkthrough page where I reveal all the fun stuff you probably missed while playing.  Each mission has loads of fun hidden items, games and levels.  Let’s play Club Penguin like a real Secret Agent!!

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